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Editor & Terminal

  • VS Code is my editor for literally anything. I never used something else because my Apprentice said it's the best and I love it as well!

  • I use the Horizon Theme for VS Code preferably in the Italic variant.

  • I use Dank Mono as my font and I dont't regret spending ~50€ for that even though some colleagues called me crazy for buying a font.

  • My terminal of choice is Hyper. I just love it because it's cross-platform and has themes.

  • I use oh-my-zsh with many plugins (because I never remove them if they work).


  • I use Figma to design and prototype stuff

  • All of my code is on Github because I got Pro for free for being a student and it's just awesome!

  • For static deployments I use Netlify and Vercel for anything else..

Desk Setup

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